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SHROOM MAGIC 125 Serves 238g Glass Jar

SHROOM MAGIC 125 Serves 238g Glass Jar

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Blend We blended 5 incredible mushrooms & the original Turmeric Latte Mix to create this deliciously smooth cup of Turmeric Latte Mix Shroom Magic™. These mushrooms have traditionally been used for a wide range of benefits with a strong emphasis on immunity, energy and focus.

125 Servings per pack. (72¢ per serve)

Directions Stir in a 3/4 teaspoon of Shroom Magic™ into 12oz of your favourite hot or cold beverage, like non dairy milks. coffee, juice, smoothies or hot water.

Ingredients: Organic turmeric (23%) organic cordyceps extract, organic chaga extract, organic lions mane extract, organic reishi extract, organic turkey tail extract, organic nutmeg, organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic clove, organic ginger, whole ground vanilla, organic cardamom, organic chili, organic black pepper. Wildcrafted Total Mushroom Extract 50%, 950mg total mushroom extract (150mg each) per serve. 

Quality Assured Tested by independent Lab - Heavy Metals, Microbiology, Aflatoxins, Gluten Free

Certified organic wild crafted Chaga > 8% Beta-glucans <5% Starch dual extracts wild crafted
Certified organic wild crafted Lions Mane > 25% Beta-glucans <5% Starch dual extracts wild crafted
Certified organic Reishi > 15% Beta-glucans <5% Starch dual extracts grown in basswood
Certified organic Turkey Tail > 25% Beta-glucans <5% Starch dual extracts wild crafted
Certified organic Cordyceps grown on Rice ((Vegan friendly) usually grown on chrysalides ) > 25% Beta-glucans <5% Starch dual extracts

A Whole Lotta Goodness™ For every pack of Turmeric Latte Mix purchased, Nature’s Harvest donates up to $3.00 to Magic Moments Foundation. The most powerful gift for future generations is the gift of high self worth, confidence and vibrant emotional health from within. 

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Dewsberry K.
Australia Australia

Best Night Time in PureHarvest Organic CoCo Quench Coconut Milk Warmed Up (Not Microwaved)

Mish R.
Australia Australia
My go-to crowd pleaser!

I thought this drink would be an acquired taste..I mean, I've loved drinking it for over a year now. But it turns out that anyone I make it for also falls in love with it too

Australia Australia
Love the umami in this <3

My husband & I love this new flavour. And we’ve found that for me, I mix in a little with the turmeric latte mix as I love spice. My husband does it the other way around. It really completes the turmeric latte. Equally it’s great on its own too.

Debbie S.
Australia Australia
Healing and immune boosting product!!

My family (adult athletes) have been using this powder for 3 years now. Great helper for the gut, lethargy and joint health.

Jesse W.
Australia Australia
A mushroom magic

This is a powerful tool for anyone wanting a healthy alternative to coffee and/or tea. The ingredients are diverse, unique and skillfully combined. Well done Nature's Harvest on a truly wonderful powder that has and will continue to provide, health, happiness and joy to many.