• Lack of drive and high emotional stress 
  • Self-sabotage and resistant follow through on goals 
  • Weight loss & health gain
  • Relationships
  • Understanding what our strengths are and finding our flow
  • Tapping into your inner strength & reclaiming our confidence  
  • Creating new empowering habits for lasting change 
  • Financial freedom


Business Culture transformation

 - Discover how to gain energy, detoxify, lose weight and balance your hormones so that you feel amazing everyday.

- Identify the 5 constipating enemies holding your health and vitality back and learn the tools to overcome them.

- Tap into your inner potential and gain the confidence through a step-by-step process to attain your goal in life.

Studies show that 97% of people at any one time choose to live at effect - blame myself, blame others, handing over their personal power to others.

Change happens when you choose to live at cause. I can, I will, I must? Do you ever get a feeling of anticipation and even some fluttering butterflies in your tummy? Nature's Harvest and Coach 26 want to let you in on something that will stir up those butterflies and get you excited about life again.

We want to impact your life in the most positive, supportive way possible. This event might be out of your comfort zone but we know exactly what will light a fire under your feet to get you moving in the direction you never thought possible.

“The event for me has been about stepping up and made some massive shifts for me” - Christine

"This is an event I will carry with me for the rest of my life” - Yasmin

“The day was full of energy, encouragement and helped me reevaluate my position in life” - Chris


In his own life Hament has been on a journey of transformation. It wasn’t always that way. He accepted a decision he had made at 16 years of age to follow a career path as a pharmacist. He filled his body with alcohol, fast food and accepted continual health challenges such as back pain, TMJ, spontaneous pneumothorax, IBS and locked jaw. As the years went by he was gradually losing his spirit and started to believe that perhaps this is the way life was meant to be? “We will do more for others we love then we do for ourselves.”

“In 2013 my mum came up to me, looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I have breast cancer.’

It was just a few years before she had asked me if the medication she was taking was safe? So I read to her the advice provided by the drug company – that the benefits outweigh the risks!”

In that moment, there was a deeper level of realisation of the consequences of my actions. I love my mother!! This was the turning point in our lives, for I now held the nail to a potential coffin!! Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Since that moment of decision, Hament and his wife Sonal set about changing their environment at home in pursuit of better health for the family. Hament chose to move away from his Pharmacy businesses in pursuit of finding his purpose.

“One of the biggest factors for change is changing environment. Studies show that environment shift potential, switches on and switches off DNA. Professor Kazuo Murakami, a Japanese professor who has dedicated his life’s work to what switches on our genes, states that we only use 2.5 to 5% of our potential although we have infinite potential.”

In 2014, Hament formed and led a consortium of partners to bid for an island in the Maldives with only $100k and raised the potential $22M should they have won the tender for the island. A few years later he started a furniture business in Dubai which was a ‘failure leads to success’ experience, then despite people telling him he was crazy for transforming out of a life that looked successful from the outside yet unfulfilled on the inside, as director and 50% shareholder of a group pharmacy businesses in London, he sold everything and followed his dreams to Australia with his family.

Since arriving in Australia in 2010, Hament has co-authored the bestseller You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams, founded Coach 26 (Personal and Business Transformation) and Perth’s premier ‘firewalking event’ Unleash Your Greatest Potential ( and has recently with his partner and soulmate, Sonal acquired then transformed the long established health store Nature’s Harvest into a holistic Health Destination. He has reached thousands of people through business training workshops, personal coaching and breakthrough events.

“Our mission is to bring to light the magnificence in people and our Vision is to provide beyond 10,000 scholarships for youth by 2030 ”

Hament’s media features include 6PR Radio, The West Australian, Channel 10 News and Health and Nature Magazine. Hament’s qualifications include Strategic Intervention, Neuro Strategy Framework, Tribal Leadership, Cultural Architecture, Relationship Coaching and Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs. He is the only F.I.R.E. certified Firewalking Instructor in Western Australia utilising empowering tools such as fire-walking to eliminate fear and overcome limiting beliefs.

How will you create your most amazing year?

As Transformation coach Hament Chavda was presented with a Samurai Sudoku, he saw the 5 overlapping sections within this modal as another way of looking at something masters have taught over the centuries. This revelation was incorporated into an holistic ideology he coined “The Conscious Samurai” which explains some of the foundational pillars that have stood the test of time. To complete the Samurai Sudoku puzzle each of the 5 sections must be completed. The puzzle representing life, and the 5 sections representing body – heart – spirit – mind – flow. In our programs, events and coaching sessions we unlock these foundation areas to ensure the best possible outcome.

This has to rate as one of the top ten days of my life so far. It was a room full of love and taught me so much about myself, my relationships and my dreams. If you don't do this next time you get the chance you will be missing the opportunity of a lifetime. Do it.

~ Bendy Benz

What a great day with some practical tools to equip you for life! Very holistic day and to get a group of strangers to open up and face their fears - quite inspirational, Coach 26!

~ Nick Gall

On Saturday I hang out with this amazing crew below. Together we broke through barriers, let go of our fears and stepped forward (walking over fire, twice I might add). Sending love and gratitude to all involved xoxo

~ Jane Lewis


This work shop hands down was defiantly the best I have been to so far, The amount of value was priceless, meet some really cool friends and I would recommend anyone who wants to take the next step in their business or personal life to give this a go seriously you will not be disappointed.

~ Mark Harris