Turmeric Spiced Banana Bread

Turmeric Spiced Banana Bread



Shout out and thank you so much to our incredible Instagram community member @nourish_me_kitchen for an INCREDIBLE looking recipe using Nature's Harvest Turmeric Latte Mix! Be sure to give @nourish_me_kitchen on Instagram for more delicious inspiration!

Turmeric Spiced Banana Bread!!⠀

So healthy, naturally sweetened, full of superfoods and highly nutritious!!⠀

It’s Flourless, dairy free, gluten- free plus supports gut health, immunity, hormones and your skin!! ⠀

Preheat oven 175 degrees. ⠀

Line a loaf tin with baking paper.⠀


2 large overripe bananas mashed ⠀
3 organic eggs beaten ⠀
4 tablespoon cashew butter⠀
1 teaspoon vanilla extract ⠀
1 teaspoon turmeric latte mix ⠀
1 teaspoon cinnamon ⠀
1/4 teaspoon allspice⠀
1/2 teaspoon baking powder⠀
1/4 teaspoon baking soda⠀
1 teas Maca ⠀
1 teaspoon hemp seeds⠀
1/2 cup coconut flour ⠀

Topping- dried cranberries and slithered almonds ⠀
Combine all ingredients in a bowl adding coconut flour last . ⠀

Pour into a loaf tin and sprinkle the top with cranberries & slithered almonds. Bake for around 30-40 mins.

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